Kassidy Kerr

Age: 17

An orphan who was taken in by a Nehiyaw woman, Vox, and her troupe of traveling actors. Since then, she has been a dedicated actress with big dreams of becoming a leading lady. She knows all of Vox's stories and is therefore quite knowledgable in traditions and legends of the Nehiyawak peoples. Although very passionate and determined, she can be quite spoilt and irrational.


Age: 16

A Nehiyaw woman who seems eager to leave her people behind and head West.

The Ghost Stallion

Age: ???

An ancient God who watches over Kassidy. The Nehiyawak people callled him the Ghost Stallion because of his amazing speed; so fast that you can only catch a glimpse of him in the corner of your eye, just like a Ghost.


Age: ???

A Nehiyaw woman who left her tribe many years ago in order to live in the Western world. She started a caravan of entertainers and travels from town to town to perform plays based on legends and lore of the Nehiyawak people. She is very wise and level headed. She is the closest thing Kassidy ever had to a mother, and although she was never very affectionate towards her; Vox loved Kassidy dearly.

Samuel 'Smiles' Chapman

Age: ???

An infamous outlaw who rules the "Outlands". He doesn't like Vox's plays on "Savage" traditions.